Meet Our Team

Mara Beth Sawyer - Shop Owner/Operator

-Here's a little more about our owner,
  Mara Beth grew up in a small country town with one little caution light.
She loves her family more than anything! Shes a dog lovin', church goin', daddy's girl!
Her dream of owning Simply Southern Boutique would have never been possible without the love and support from her daddy!
"she did, because she could." -Luke 1:45

- Meet Our Sassy Staff -

 Kasie Manning - Assistant Shop Manager  |  Kinley Bowen - Sales  |  Brooke Modlin - Sales  |  Katie Long - Sales | Blair Ange - Sales | Hannah Pippin - Sales | Miranda Griffin - Sales
Alison Bennett Hardison - Shop Model   /   Cassie Harris - Shop Model   /   Kayla Modlin - Shop Model   /   Brooke Modlin - Shop Model